Due to an ongoing issue with too many people changing their photo session appointments, I have had to come up with a cancellation policy. I do ask that when clients make an appointment they take into consideration that others have scheduled and moved important things around, so this helps you as clients and myself. Thank you in advance for understanding. Having said that, please choose the date and time very
carefully. I do try to make myself very flexible to accommodate most
schedules. So my making an appointment policy and cancellation policy is as follows


For anyone to book a date, they first need to submit
a deposit, which is half the session fee. Please keep in mind
the date is not held until payment is received. If you book a date close
to the date you want for your appointment then you will need to pay
via PayPal on the day you are booking. Information for both will be
given when you contact the photographer about making an appointment.

All appointments that are canceled due to an emergency when given a 48 (4 weeks for weddings or any 3-hour special event) hour notice may be rescheduled. If the 2nd appointment time is cancelled for any reason the client will lose the deposit made. If an appointment is cancelled the client has up to 1 week to reschedule or they will lose the deposit. If a client cancels more than twice, the photographer reserves the right to not make any further appointments.

Many ask, what will happen if the weather is bad on the day of our photoshoot?
First of all, it is up to the discretion of myself, the photographer, if the appointment should be canceled due to the weather. Bad weather, consists of all-day rain
thunderstorms, or a blizzard. Do keep in mind, when making an appointment, that most likely you will not get a perfect 70-degree day. When scheduling in the winter, it could very likely be in the lower 30's. That is not enough reason to cancel a session. Also if you schedule something in the summer, then anything less than 103 degrees is not a reason to cancel a session.

Again, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.